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What is the Actor’s Database?

Contact Info

Over 4,000 industry contacts across the East Coast. Including, addresses, emails, and how best to contact.

Continuously Updated

Now you don’t have to wait till next month or, in some cases, next year to have the most updated information. All updates are available in real time, right at your finger tips 24/7.

Keeping Track

The Actor’s Database keeps track of people when they switch companies and remembers the old information. This includes Casting Director’s history of projects they have cast and what they are currently casting. A feature that no other information site has!

Actor's Database

How does it work for you?


Grow your contacts. Save pertinent information like where you met someone, what company they worked for when you met, how many times you've auditioned for a person and for what projects.

Audition Logs

Audition logs that actually track your progress and link with the database. What’s working? What is not? Receive prompts to remind you to fill in important information on your auditions (who was in the room, any feedback, what material you prepared). Discover what is working and what is not.


For the first time ever - ONE calendar of ALL of the big NYC networking schedules. Create a list of Agents and Casting Directors you want to target and be alerted when they will be holding a class or seminar. Furthermore, you can see what they are casting or who they are seeking before signing up so you are more informed when you walk in the room.


Want to get more for less? The more you interact with the app and help keep the information updated and correct the longer your subscription lasts - your subscription could even become FREE!


We are working to build you an awesome app! We want to know what features you would like to see. Let us know what you think on social media and sign up to stay in the loop on when we launch.

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